Health and Safety Quality Certificate



HS Consulting certifies that the establishment meets the Health & Safety Standards as follows:


These standards are based on internationally recognized codes issued by:

  • Tour Operators Federation (FTO) and its best practice code which is periodically updated and published.
  • Codex Alimentarius: the highest international organization in food safety standards, dependent on FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization which is part of WHO: World Health Organization).
  • National and Regional Regulations.
  • Specific Technical Standards. 
  • Current recommendations and regulations of the WHO, ICTE (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española), and the different countries health authorities.


For each discipline the establishment has developed a plan including the following elements:

  • Audits: periodic examinations in order to evaluate the current status as well as to establish improvement opportunities.
  • Consultancy: the establishment owns customised manuals for Food Safety, Swimming Pools, Legionnaire’s Disease Prevention and Water Supply Network.
  • Specific Training in each of the areas, adapted to the job’s description and needs.
  • Self assessment: we help the establishment defining Critical Control Points according to HACCP analysis that are regularly monitored keeping track in a modern risk management application.
  • Verification activities: physicochemical and microbiological analysis of water, food, cooking oil, surfaces, food handlers, swimming pools, etc.


This certificate is only awarded to those establishments that reach and maintain consistently high standards in the implementation of Health & Safety management systems.