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COVID19 Prevention

To contain the current situation caused by SarsCov2, our comprehensive COVID19 prevention plan is applied and adapted to the Hotel and Restauration Sectors. The aim is to comply with Health Authorities’ requirements as well as with recommendations from the WHO, to guarantee health, hygiene and safety.

Food Safety

We implement HACCP systems to ensure Food Safety. Food-related incidents are the most frequent in the Hygiene and Safety field. Therefore, it is of vital importance to control the whole process in all of the areas taking part in Food Safety.

Water Hygiene & Legionellosis Prevention

We ensure Water Hygiene by scheduling a broad Audit & Training Plan. Sample collection is carried out for its later microbiological analysis. Exhaustive controls in Hotel Water Networks are performed, as well as sample analysis based on the UNE:100030:2017 Norm.

Room Hygiene & Desinfection

Training Plan adapted to the Cleaning & Disinfection protocols of each Establishment. Audit performance to ensure compliance with protocols. Room and Common Areas cleaning and disinfection verification is also carried out by sample collection for later HSLAB analysis.

Pool Hygiene

Pool Water Quality is guaranteed. Yearly data export into the SILOE system, as well as an Official Pool Maintenance Technician Training plan. Self-Control Guides and Audits are also performed, as well as monthly sample collection and analysis in compliance with the RD 742/2013.

Total Safety

Our Technical Engineer Team is in charge of the Total Safety and Fire Prevention Audits & Documentation, in compliance with the current Law and Tour Operators’ requirements.

Training Plan

Our Team, licensed in Health-Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, and Nutrition, is responsible for the continuous Staff training. This Plan adapts to the needs and requirements of each Department and Establishment.

HS APP 2.0

Our customers handle their hygienic and sanitary risks digitally through HSAPP. This risk management tool provides the Establishment with full-time worldwide control of their sanitary and hygienic state.

HS Lab

Environmental Sample Laboratory and COVID Diagnostic Center. Clinical laboratory and microbiology & parasitology sampling. Water Quality Sampling, Food and Surface Sampling. Legionellosis Prevention to comply with each sector’s current regulations.

Brand New! HS Green

Carbon Footprint calculation. Compliance with environmental commitments aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility. Environmental Management System implementation to certify hotel establishments into main international recognized entities.