Why mosquitoes choose some people rather than others?

It is said that it is because they feel the sweetness of blood to elect some people rather than others or that there are foods that you can take to alter your smelling making natural repellent against biting insects such as annoying.

Mosquitoes detect CO2 to choose their victims

The truth is that, a recent study published by Nature proves that mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 released in respiration. Dismissing so the mosquitoes detect blood glucose (blood sugar).

A human being, under normal conditions produces 1 kg of CO2 daily. The CO2 emitted will be higher in adults than in children, people with bigger body mass (senior or obese), pregnant (because metabolism is accelerated) and athletes. Therefore, those who produce more CO2, priority will be eligible to receive the uncomfortable visit.

Also lactic acid

Lactic acid is produced by intense exercise and is eliminated partly in sweat, making atheletes doubly candidates to suffer more bites than their more passive peers.

Low cost mosquito trap

If we put in a room a source of CO2 emitted more important than breathing, mosquitoes prefer this source to humans.

In the model presented below, the yield consums sugar, liberating CO2 atracting mosquitoes.

So it makes sense a trap as we see then who’s the proof? Comments are welcome …

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